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Drainage Solutions

Water pooling in your lawn, driveway, or walkways? Water leaking into your windows and/or basement? Especially in springtime, with all the snow melting off and the rains coming in, people have water drainage issues in their yard/landscape. Having the proper drainage plan and solution will ensure water is directed away from your house.

Drain tile System

Drain tile can be laid around the foundation of your home/building where there are issues with water drainage. Water will find its way into the drain tile system rather than into your home and/or pooling up in your yard. Along with the drain tile, you can add gutters and/or downspouts to help increase water flow away from problem areas.

French Drain

If you are looking for a drainage solution that is underground and less noticeable, a French drain might be the answer. This is underground perforated drainpipe and gravel that will allow water to flow/drain from your yard.


Rain Garden

If you are looking for a drainage solution that is functional and beautifies your landscaping, consider a rain garden. This garden is filled with water-loving plants and rocks and directs water away from low areas. It will not necessarily solve the issue of your yard retaining water but will make the area more appealing with the flowers and landscaping.