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Retaining Walls: Natural Stone Vs. Block

There are a variety of blocks and natural stone to use when building retaining walls. Whether installing a wall yourself or having a landscape contractor install a wall, make sure you get a high-quality block or natural stone.

Why Build a Retaining Wall?

  • Holding back soil
  • Controlling water drainage
  • Creating more flat space in a sloped yard
  • Building a patio w/ wall
  • Raised gardens

Block Retaining Wall

  • Most popular material used for retaining walls
  • Poured concrete blocks
  • Smaller blocks for plant beds, terraces and/or small/short walls
  • Easy to use, even for DIY’ers
  • Cheaper than natural stone and wide variety of colors
  • Curves are more difficult, needing special cuts and pieces

Natural Stone Retaining Wall

  • Natural stone like boulders
  • Stack large, heavy boulders in a line
  • Fabric is used in gaps to prevent water coming through
  • Usually need heavy equipment to install
  • More unique, natural look than block walls
  • More labor intensive, as rocks/boulders are HEAVY!

Important for ANY Wall you chooseBoulder Wall

  • Use/install a good base like class 5
  • Make sure your base is level
  • Don’t forget about the proper drainage