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Patios, Paths, and Drives

Make a grand entrance with a driveway made of pavers. The versatility of pavers means you can achieve a classic, contemporary, old world country, or unique look. We can design a look that complements the look and feel of your home. The addition of inlays and banding can take your driveway from being a boring blacktop driveway to a well-designed feature of your home.

A great reason to consider a driveway made of pavers instead of blacktop is because the pavers can extend to other parts of your property like your patio and any paths you might have. This extension to other parts of your property helps with the consistency of aesthetics of your home. Besides that, pavers require less maintenance than blacktop and stand the test of time.

Permeable pavers can help eliminate standing water and allow movement of stormwater through the surface. These pavers can include a heating system to eliminate snow and ice build-up. You also have the option to include a water-harvesting system in order to recycle stormwater.

It is important to also consider how you will protect your paved surfaces. Pavers are great, but erosion of sand from joints and weeds can make your outdoor space look less than ideal. We can help you choose a quality jointing sand and protector.