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Should I Repair or Replace My Retaining Wall?

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When it comes to your retaining wall, repairing it is typically more affordable. Replacing your wall will come with a higher cost and more planning, but it may be necessary. If you are not sure whether your retaining wall needs a repair or a replacement, this blog post can help you. Lets examine both options:

Repair Your Retaining Wall

  • If you detect cracking, identify whether it is due to a structural issue or needs a minor repair. It is easy to repair minor cracks.
  • For a smaller wall, you need to dismantle it as much as possible, check the footings, and secure it with a proper foundation.
  • A landscape contractor can help you determine if your wall can be repaired.

Replacing Your Retaining Wall

  • For a warped timber retaining wall, you need to remove and replace it with brand-new timbers. Ensure that the timbers are adequately treated to withstand soil moisture.
  • If the wall is bending in the opposite direction.
  • If the structure is becoming weak and/or the wall appears to be failing to hold the weight of the soil.
  • Cracking in retaining wall that is causing structural issues.
  • A landscape contractor can help you determine if your wall will need to be replaced.

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