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Care Guide – Pondless Waterfalls and Bubbling Rocks

Spring clean up

  1. Clean off any algae or debris on the rocks using a brush and garden hose.
  2. Connect the pump and check valve to the flexible PVC pipe location in the vault at the bottom of the water feature.
  3. Make sure the vault is at the appropriate water level, meaning the pump should be fully submersed in the water.
    If the water level should be low, place a garden hose in the vault and fill to the appropriate level.
  4. Plug the pump in and enjoy.

Summer maintenance

  • Always make sure to check the water level in the vault, evaporation during warmer weather can cause water loss. Installation of an automatic fill valve will help keep a consistent water level.
  • Algae may appear on the rocks after awhile. If this occurs, simply turn the pump off and scrub off the algae with a brush and garden hose or add bacterial water treatment to oxidize and break down the algae.

Fall preparation and winterization

  • Disconnect check valve and remove both the pump and check valve. Store pump and check valve in a place where they are not subject to freeze.
  • Water can be left in the basin as the system is designed to freeze and thaw.

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